What Happens When you Block Someone on Messenger?

Nowadays Millions of people are addicted to Social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on, The usage of the Facebook has both advantage and as well as disadvantage is there, because some of the fraud people are trying to trap you without knowing your knowledge, so Facebook has made a privacy on Facebook messenger and you should be aware of that. Basically, all people are thinking that what happens when you block someone on messenger. No need to worry for that, in this article we are going to tell in depth what can be happen after blocking someone on Facebook.

First of all, you all need to know about how to set Privacy on Facebook Messenger.

  • You need to alter your privacy settings. In Your Facebook profile, below you can see your settings option, in that you need to select privacy.  From here you can control Facebook profile, for your posts by changing the visible for public or friends etc. you can also block people those who are not your friends. If you’re getting unwanted messages or unwanted calls on Facebook messenger, make them block by clicking the option block in your Facebook messenger.

How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger | Daily Media NG

  • You have to make change your profile settings. If someone has post or tag you in a post and you don’t want to see on your timeline. It is an easy method you can hide that post on your timeline, by simply clicking on settings and then go to the option timeline and tagging, click that option, from there you can easily get to know whether that post has to be appeared in your timeline or not. You can play anything in Facebook, for that first you need to know about very well of settings in Facebook.


  •  You Need to check your Facebook data.  In your mind you’re thinking that why we need Facebook data, because you don’t know your conversation, messages and data where is going that. So, visit your profile, below you can see account settings of general, simply click on download option, that will show your all data and all activity what all you have done in that and also you can see what happens when you block someone on messenger.


  • Block the person, you don’t want to get messages from them.  This is the best privacy who can simply make, because you make your privacy more secure and the blocked person, they can’t see your messages and you also don’t have any access to send any messages to him and that blocked person is permanently delete from your Facebook messenger. You can’t see any information on that person like video call, his profile. Once you block any person, Facebook messenger stops all kind of activities

If you still worrying about privacy, simply come out from Facebook, it is the best way to keep all your Privacy shutdown. Nowadays you can’t tell about what can all happen in the Social media.

Hope you all you can get a useful information on what happens when you block someone on messenger. Thanks for reading our article.

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