Travel vlogging tips

If you love travelling and exploring different different places across the world, wander on unknown streets and least explored places, meet new people, etc then you can use your travel passion in earning money by travel vlogging. You can start your YouTube channel where you can post your travel videos and share the travel experiences to different places in the country or across the world. This will help you make money and the audience can get ideas about do’s and don’ts while traveling to any place. Here are some tips for your travel vlogging which you can follow for a great response.

  1. Do not record everything:

Yes, this is a very important tip. People think that they should film everything they do during their travel. However, it is not important as in the last you will find there are a lot of films which do not worth being filmed and you will hardly keep them as memories. Plus you cannot get the full experience of the place and enjoy it fully if you stick to your camera every time. So better record the things which are actually important to share with the audience and cherish later.

  1. Have a centric video:

This is one of the important travel vlogging tips. Usually people film their whole day activity in chronological order from day 1 to end day. But this should not be the way. You should make a video which is centric to the activities you did and the places you visited. This will be more interesting for you to see later and also interesting for the audience to watch.

  1. Short and clear videos:

This is important to note that on social media people do not like to watch long videos. Therefore, the videos should be short, clear and useful. Ideal length of the video is 3 to 4 minutes, after that people have less aprince to watch it fully and they lose their interest. Also the time allotment for each section should be 30 to 40 minutes and in the last 10 seconds you should compile the video with some useful points. So to get a positive response, pay attention to the length of the videos.

  1. Record the things from your point of view:

You should show the things from your point of view sometime in the video so that the audience can feel as if they are there and experiencing the things which you are actually experiencing in the video. This is a great way to connect with the audience.

So follow these best travel vlogging tips to improve the video experiences.

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