What are Business Intelligence Tools?

This article aims to list all top BI (Business Intelligence) products available on the market. It should help interested users to compare and select the best solution for their needs. According to the list of best business intelligence tools prepared by experts from Finances the leading solutions in this category comprise of systems designed to capture, categorize, and analyze corporate data and extract best practices for improved decision making and also we are going to describe what are business intelligence tools?

What are Business Intelligence Tools?

Business intelligence solutions are mainly data-driven Decision Support Systems (DSS). BI is also used to denote executive information systems, report and query tools, and briefing books. Business professionals can use these tools analyze data by themselves instead of getting reports from the IT unit. BI analysis offers actionable insights from data that helps managers to make smart business decisions.

Types of Business Intelligence Tools?

Clear Analytics

The Best Business Intelligence Tools of 2020 To Get Insight From ...

This tool is a gift for MS Excel enthusiasts as it combines BI with spreadsheet convenience and centralizes all your data. You can use Excel reporting features and Clear Analytics also adds essential BI tools such as auditability, governance, reports scheduling, sharing and administrative capabilities, and version control.

Data Exploration

Even the smartest business intelligence tools leave a few things to chance. Some tools extract helpful data but don’t know how to categorize it. Others may not handle data sourcing with as much power as the competition, but they can turn chaotic pools of data into more digestible chunks. In the era of business intelligence self-service options, data discovery tools allow businesses to model and examine their data through a smarter lens.


Sisense is one of the leaders in the BI market and a winner of the Best Business Intelligence Software Award for 2016 from Finances Online, one of the most popular business software review platforms. This solution capable to effectively simplify complex data analyses, and make big data insights accessible even for startups and small companies. The competitive edge of Sisense is primarily its capacity to collate data from multiple sources without pricey preparations sources can be Salesforce, Google Analytics, AdWords, and many more.


Domo’s Business Optimization Software brings together the people, the data, and the insights business users need to deliver a detailed view of what’s happening in your organization. Connect all of your crucial business data, collaborate with fellow employees, and get powerful visual data all within one customizable platform. Hope the above information is useful and you got an answer for what are business intelligence tools?

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