Hostpapa Hosting Review – What we like about HostPapa

HostPapa is one of the most popular and known web hosting company that is into this business since 2006. HostPapa is based in Toronto and Canada with their major focus to provide their services to small and growing industries. They offer high range of hosting plans that you can pick which fits best to your requirements. They also have a major focus on the environment where consume green energy.

What we like about HostPapa

Reliability and Performance

One of the best advantages of choosing host papa is that you can completely be reliable on this hosting provider for high performance. It has recorded the uptime up to 99.97% which is quite good. Expecting a full-time hosting is not really realistic as problems may arise and we have to maintain them.

Easy Billing

Another benefit that all the host papa users can enjoy is that it is very easy to use and simple to set up your website. They don’t offer a month to month billing option but the payment process is quite easy where you have to select a plan, add the domain name and fill in your payment details.

It Grows with You

Another feature that all the users are benefitted with is that the plans grow with you. In start we can really start with the basic plan and later while the website grows you will need more advanced and improved features. With host papa hosting plans you can easily switch to other plans and upgrade your website according to your requirements.

Green Web Hosting

One more reason why this hosting provider is most popular is because of their main focus of being green. They have an ecofriendly approach where the renewable energy credits are purchased to balance the energy they use. Because of the friendly approach towards the environment they are considered by many of the users.


Control panel which is popularly known as cPanel is provided by this hosting provider for easily managing the server settings. Compared to other control panel, they are completely user friendly which is best for beginners. With cPanel, it is quite easy to manage every little thing be it file, sub domains or emails or more.

Load Times

Having a low loading time is something that is very much important and every person looks for this feature. By default, host papa is built in caching because of which no settings cannot be edited. But you can surely increase your site speed by compressing files and optimizing images which can be done on cPanel. By optimizing the website, you can increase the page speed.

Secure Data Centers

Another benefit of choosing host papa as your hosting provider is the secured data centers. They are mainly known for their reliable hosting infrastructure. We surely want our site to be safe and secured from any kind of security threats. With host papa you can be relaxed and trust them for keeping all your data saved.

What we don’t like about HostPapa

Bit expansive

Most of the hosting providers offer the plans at a very reasonable prices, especially for a month or so, but then renewing gets a little expensive. In start host papa plans looks affordable and cheap considering the fact about using green energy, but renewing the same can get a bit expensive.

Features are not that great

Originally, the features of HostPapa sounds really amazing and are very eye catching but they are really not that great as they sound. There are quite a few features that sound very unique but then they are quite common with other hosting providers as well.

These are some of the benefits and some of the cons that you can get with HostPapa web hosting providers. This company is into this business from more than 10 years where they have rapidly grown and are now in to the competition with other hosting companies.

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