Best Stocks to buy for Long Term in India

Well, most of the investors want to invest in the long term where they want to grow their money. However, identifying which stock will deliver good results, which underlying company will have a sustainable business model has always been an issue. Even this depends upon the individual financial crisis for how much they are investing. So, for an investor, they should look at how the companies are shaping up in the market, and then they have to think which stock can give them good returns after a long time. Below are the best stocks to buy for long term in India.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank declares 10% pay cut for staff with over ₹25 ...

Well, Kotak Mahindra Bank has regained its top position for a long time in the top banks in India than other banks which is older than this bank. The bank has given huge growth since it started in the year 2003. So, the bank has got all the experience from the business fronts that seems to be sustainable.

Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv known as the best stocks to buy for long term in India because of its high returns in the last few years. This company is in the business for providing credit or loans to appliances and automobiles. Also, the company has been successful for its innovative product offers to their customers and making the shopping experience as good. The business plans appear to be reasonable and is ready to make bigger business given India’s developing economy and income.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is the largest IT sector company in India and has reached a $100bn market valve in recent years. So, long term investors might be thinking of investing in this company because the company has a high stage and delivered double-digit growth since 2014 which continues to have strong fundamentals.


DNA Money Edit: Infosys strategy to kick off new innings

Infosys Limited is the second-largest Information Technology firm. Infosys derives 60%of its revenue from the US, another 37% from the rest of the world, and just 3% from India. So, these sectors might generate great returns for investors in the coming years. With the recent past incidents of management issues, this company is strongly thriving back to gain more market share and the demand for technology-oriented services is increasing day by day.

The above-mentioned companies are the ideal ones to invest stocks for future purposes and get a good income in returns. Hope that I have covered all topics in my article about best stocks to buy for long term in India. Thanks for reading!

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