BlueHost Hosting Review: Reasons Why You Should Pick for Your Website

If you are looking to buy a hosting for your new website or a blog then you surely need to buy the best hosting that comes with all the essential features and details that you want for your websites. There are many factors that are important while you choose a hosting. From all the other web hosting companies there is one company that is personally recommended by WordPress which is Bluehost.

Reasons Why You Should Pick for Your Website.

Reasonable Pricing

One of the best reasons why Bluehost is the best pick is because of its reasonable pricing. Bluehost has many benefits for the beginners starting from pricing to other essential features. They have a special package for their beginners where it can cost you only $3.95 for 36 months, so yes, this is something that you will need. If you are ever looking to expand your hosting package then you could, but the prices may go up which is not too high also. They also have many proportional offers for pricing that you can use for lowering your cost.

WordPress Recommended

Another best thing about this hosting provider is that it is recommended by WP from the year 2005. They are partnered with WP plus it is personally recommended by this site. WP is one of the most popular and largest tools for building website that is used by almost every person who owns a website. So, having a Hosting that suits best for WP is like a big advantage. With one click install feature, it is very easy to integrate WP on your dashboard. So now you can now build your site with in few minutes. 

Free Domain

One more benefit that all the users you can be benefited is that all the new users can get a free domain for the first year. Normally a domain can cost around $10 to $15 which can be really expensive especially for beginners. Now, with Bluehost you can easily get your domain name with few simple steps. So, for every user who really don’t want to spend more money on their domain name can pick Bluehost as their web hosting provider. This can save more money by following few simple steps.

Good Uptime

Good Uptime is another reason why blue host is recommended by most of the users. Uptime is where the site is live when there are people surfing for your site. If you have a poor uptime, your site may not appear on the result page because of which you may lose out on most of the visitors. With Bluehost you can easily maintain the uptime of your website. The Uptime of Bluehost is said to be excellent as the uptime is around 99.9%. You can also check the review on HRank’s which is web hosting ranking site.

Money Back Guarantee

Another reason why Bluehost is the most picked choice not only by WP but also by most of the users is because of the money back guarantee features that you can get with this web hosting. For any reason you don’t like this hosting are not satisfied with their services then you can surely get the whole money back. So, if you don’t like their features or wish to change the hosting plan or package, it can be done with in 30 days of time. 30 days are more than enough to know whether the hosting package and their features fit according to the requirements for your website.

These are some of the reason why I think Bluehost is the finest web hosting company my personal choice. The hosting plan of this website comes with many other features that you can be considered just right for you. Bluehost has excellent customer support for their customers who are always available for their customers. You can surely be reliable on this hosting, where you can get started in few minutes.

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