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Liquid Web founded in the year 1997 by Jim Geiger, Liquid Web Hosting company is one of the oldest and most reliable web hosting service providing company in the business today. Today, Liquid Web has over 30000 clients across the globe. Also, the company has received INC. 5000 fastest growing companies award for 9 years in a row. Listed below are some of the most prominent features offered by Liquid Web. 

Plesk Control Panels

Leaving aside the standard cPanel, Liquid Web offers Plesk Control Panel for you to handle your website’s hosting environment as well as the server. Though Plesk Control Panel is not a familiar name but it is surely one of its kind and is emerging to be one of the most commonly used option. The reputation of Plesk Control Panel can be defined as user-friendly; you will not really find it difficult to get your hands on it. Using Plesk control panel you can easily manage your domains, track your website’s resource usage and utilize the in-built account management features, install any third party app, set up an email for your website, improve your SEO in order to rank better and also gives you to access to one of most advanced tools, Softaculous. 

Site optimized for WordPress sites

One of the major factors to improve your website rankings on the search engine result pages is fast loading speed, t not only helps you rank better but also ensures providing users a hassle-free experience. In short, fast loading speed is important to lead a better browsing experience and so to provide a fast loading website, liquid web optimizes all the servers which are meant for hosting the managed WordPress websites with various technologies such as Mod PageSpeed and Memcached. Moreover, it also offers a content delivery network in order to decrease the loading time. Fast performing SSDs solid state drivers helps the website to perform better. 

Free Website Migration

While many of the other hosting services provides charges additional to move a website from a different host providers to their own. However, Liquid Web would do it free of cost for you if you been working on a WordPress website. The Free Migration Service is worth considering if you want to cut down your expenses. 

Solid Uptime

Using the solid-state drivers, liquid web ensures that there is no trouble when it comes to on site performance. Though SSD’s are expensive when compared to the other hard disks, it is undoubtedly worth it, they serve the data at a faster rate and are truly reliable. For small scale businesses, one should always look for a web hosting offering SSDs for storage capacity. With 3 data centres at Michingan, Lansing and Arizona, liquid web claims up to 100% uptime with complete control over the network infrastructure. 

VPS Server Environment 

VPS servers are known for providing better service than any shared hosting plan and considering which Liquid Web has been offering managed WordPress Hosting on the VPS servers to ensure a fast website performance. The managed WordPress hosting is powered by HHVM (hipHop VM).

 Customer Support

With an excellent team of over 100 Red Hat Certified experts, Liquid Web’s “Heroic Support” helps them stand out among-st its competitors. The support team are easy to access, you can reach out to them via live chat or phone chat. Also, for the paying customers there’s a ticket support system to seek assistance via email. The support team will get in touch with you in 59 seconds only for live and phone chat and response time from desk tickets is reported within 30 minutes of time. 

Extensive Knowledge

With the help of the comprehensive knowledge base via their online support center, webmasters experiencing issues can also be resolved without getting in touch with the customer support. Therefore, you do not always have to rely upon the customer support assistance, as the extensive knowledge base can help you fix the problem with an ease through easy navigation and search box to find the trouble shooting materials on the particular topic. FAQs, guides and the helping articles makes it easier to learn more about the hosting and methods to resolve the problems. 

Website Security 

Liquid Web gives utmost priority to the website security to avoid threats and fraudulent activities. The datacentre locations are strictly under the 24/7/365 surveillance. In order to avoid break-ins and server theft, Liquid Web deploys on-site security guards, their facilities are under camera surveillance. 

To conclude, the above listed features makes liquid web a top contender of the hosting industry. The hosting plans equipped with solid features ensures giving full value to what you pay for. 

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