A2 Hosting Reviews 2020: BEST Hosting Reviews In 2020

With the passing time there are many companies that are into web hosting services, but one of the most popular web hosting that is present now is A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting was founded by Bryan Muthig which is in the market from the year 2001. This is a Linux hosting company that are considered best for fastest servers for providing you high performance. The main data center for this hosting company is located in Michigan of United States where the other data centers are located in Amsterdam of Netherlands and Singapore.

Best Web Hosting Plans by A2 Hosting

Shared Hosting

One of the types of hosting that is offered by A2 is shared hosting. This hosting is considered best choice of all the users who are looking for complete high site speed. With high speed your users will not have to wait for long, this way you lower your bounce rate. This hosting has the best speed as turbo server are included in this their packages which comes with the A2 optimized tool. Shared Hosting plans have four type of packages that are Start Up, Drive, Turbo Boost and Turbo Max where the plans start for the price of $2.99 every month. Out of all these packages, Turbo Boost is one of the most popular packages that comes for $9.99.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting which is popularly called as VPS Hosting is another finest pick for all the users who are having or will have many web pages. VPS hosting offers an increased server permission for which you can receive more control for your website server. You can easily install thorough hosting in one go by which you will grant access to remove or change sites directly from cPanel, if you want too. This will enhance your experience as they come with extra features. VPS Hosting plan have three type of packages for their users that are Managed VPS for the price of $25.00, Unmanaged VPS for $5.00 and Core VPS for $25.00 from which you can pick according to your requirements.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is also very popular type of hosting that comes with many excellent features that all the users can be benefited with. This hosting by A2 comes with a turbo server by which you can experience fast loading speed for a webpage as the server is 20x faster than other servers. Cloud Hosting also has upgraded standard drives included for offering high performance. This hosting has many essential features included like ultra-reliable servers, guru crew support, perpetual security, etc. Cloud Hosting plan have three type of packages for their users that are Entry, Mid and Elite where the plan starts from $5.00 every month. Out of all these packages, Mid Package is one of the most popular packages which is highly recommended by A2.

Reseller Hosting

One more type of Hosting that is offered by A2 is Reseller Hosting which are built with huge hosting resources. Here with reseller hosting you are given full access to split them to various small hosting accounts and further resell those small hosting accounts. This way the you can earn lots and lots of profits plus you can also build your own business by selling web hosting services. Reseller Hosting plan have four type of packages for their users that are Bronze for the price of $9.80, Silver for $13.72, Gold for $18.13 and Platinum for $30.38. Out of all these packages, Gold Package is one of the most popular packages which is also considered as best reseller hosting package by A2.

This hosting company is one of the most preferred choice of so many people because of the services they provide. They are very popular for high site speed with 99.9% uptime guarantee. They also have turbo server for many hosting packages for fastest speed. They also have many additional features included in their hosting packages that are very useful for the users.

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