Dream Host Hosting Review: Characteristics of DreamHost

DreamHost was an idea of a group of 4 friends named Sage Weil, Michael Rodriguez, Josh Jones and Dallas Bethune which launched in 1997. DreamHost started with a mission to help people to grow business online and since then DreamHost has been performing remarkably in every possible way and is giving a tough competition to various other top-notch web hosting providers. Widely known for its massive range of hosting options available at affordable prices. Being in the hosting industry from decades, DreamHost is 100% reliable, receptive and reasonable. In this article we will be discussing about various features and plans that makes DreamHost, a power packed web hosting service provider. 

Below mentioned are the main characteristics of DreamHost

Solid Uptime 

A good uptime is the key to a successful website and considering which DreamHost has been successful in maintaining the consistency of 99.94% uptime which is pretty impressive. However, in any case if your website witnesses a failure about the same then you will be compensated the amount of service. However, there are certain exceptions such Errors caused by the users or scheduled maintenance. 

Website Building tools 

Remixer, the own website building tool of DreamHost is equipped with some of the most advanced tools that helps you design your website as per your choice with an ease. At Besides remixes, DreamHost offers a huge collection of various other website building tools which includes Wix, Squarespace and Weebly that are made available to you in the app library. With numerous options, you will have complete freedom to pick any of it and starting working on it in order to design your website. No expertise required as these tools are extremely user-friendly and the compelling features of the tool will help you design a professional looking website.  

Quick verification system 

DreamHost would help you save most of your time. The Verification process at DreamHost can be done at few shots where-as most of the other companies takes good amount of time to complete the procedure. The website will be all yours to work on once you are done signing up. In case you find any payment related issue, you would be required to go one extra verification step and then you are permitted to use its services post signing up.

97 Day Money Back Guarantee 

30-day money back guarantee is one of the most common policy followed by most of the hosting companies today. Whereas, DreamHost has something better to offer you, a 97 day money back guarantee displays how confident the company is about its features and they would like to give their clients a long duration to enjoy their services and see whether or not the dream host plans have the ability to meet each of their requirements. When compared to the other companies, DreamHost gives you extra 37 days to discover the features and tools of itself which is a huge advantage has you can completely acquire the knowledge and based on which you can make your decision. In case, you are not satisfied then you can claim your money back with 97 days and there are very rare cases and few exceptions for money deductions. 

Customer Support 

The responsive customer support would be available to you for 24/7to help you out. You can get in touch with the team via active forum, Twitter support, Live chat and a team WordPress expert that are available to guide you throughout, Phone support is chargeable.  

No higher renewal prices

DreamHost offers a lower monthly costing for a 3-year package than that of 1- year or 2-year packages. Also, the pricing of the DreamHost plans remains the same which means you are bound to pay the same amount during the renewal period for the plan you initially signed up for. Therefore, DreamHost plans are thoroughly cost-effective. 

Currently DreamHost is hosting over 15,00,000 websites which is implausible. Hence, to have a hassle-free experience online, opt for DreamHost to make your life easier. To know more about DreamHost, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time. 

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