3 Best Proofreading Tools Free

As a blogger, your work doesn’t really end by finishing your blog. Before you publish your article, there’s a a lot work to do even after composing a good quality content. Irrespective of how carefully you have composed your content, there will for sure be a mistake that needs to be covered up. And so proof-reading is essential for one to clear out each mistake. Listed below are the 3 best proofreading tools free that can help you improve your content. Check out the list below;


As the name suggests, the Grammarly tool is determined to check and fix the grammatical errors primarily. By using this tool, one can surely improve their grammatical use of words as you will be improvising your writing skills by taking into consideration of the suggested ideas wherever required. However, apart from fixing the grammatical errors, the tool is equipped with various other features which includes recommendation of the right punctuation’s, editing of errors and subtitling the text for free of cost. Moreover, it is extremely user-friendly and highly recommended by the experts.


The Grammarly Keyboard | Grammarly

Similar to Grammarly, the working of Ginger is also very much impressive. The tool is primarily focused on highlighting the spelling errors within the content if any. Ginger ensures that you produce a high quality content based on which it is equipped with compelling features such in built dictionary to check whether or not the word is suitable in order to compliment the entire sentence, it suggests synonyms to improve the richness of the content that you have produced. Most importantly, with the help of Ginger you can get your translated for over 30 languages which is incredible.


Hemmingway is one of the most trusted proof reading tool available on the internet today. Ever since, its launch huge number of people have been favoring for this tools making because of its user-friendly interface. You do not have to spend hours in order to understand the working of this tool. It is thoroughly determined to check the content’s readability whereas majority of other tools that are available focuses on checking grammatical errors. Hemingway highlights the not so friendly sentences and would also suggest you the alternatives for the same. Also, it alerts you about the passive sentences that have been used as readers do not really like the idea of passive sentences.

And here the list of some of the best proofreading tools free comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you. Do share your reviews about the same.

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